Heroin, recovery of – It was a Cr. App. Preferred u/s. 48 of C.N.S. Act, 1997 on behalf of appellant against judgment passed by addl. Sessions judge/Special judge CNS, whereby the appellant has been converted u/s. 9, control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997 and sentenced to suffer R.I for 4 years plus five-Complainant got lodged FIR alleging therein that a bus was stopped and checked -on the basis of suspicion the passenger who was occupying middle seat in the bus was alighted from it and as a result of his personal search two plastic bags were recovered from his shoes weighing 290 gms-Heroin which was taken into possession-It is not mandatory to comply with the pre – requisite contained in S. 103, Cr. C.P at the time of personal search-In this regard – In this courts considered the accusation beyond reasonable doubt and impugned judgment being free from any illegality or irregularity hardly calls for any interference-Appeal accordingly dismissed