Lady accused:- lady accused could possible carry ten Kilograms of ’’charas on her body for monetary considerations or otherwise – case being one of search of accused and not of search of a dwelling house or a closed premises association of two or more respected persons of the locality was not remade and the Provision of S.103’ cr.pc. were not attracted in the case ‘long interval between the occurrence and the court proceeding might be a case for discrepancies in the prosecutions evidence,, but the same did not militate against the material fact of recovery of charas; from the possession of accused on the appointed date ;time and palace-delay in receipt of the parcel in the office of chemical examiner for what ever reasons was neither fatal to the prosecution case, nor the same had reflected adversely on the bona fides of the investigation-Defence evidence did not have the impact of negating the prosecution evidence-Conviction and sentence for accused wee maintained in circumstances