Sind Cooperative Societies Act, 1925
S. 70 read with S. 2 (d) of “Offences in Respect of Banks (Special Courts) Ordinance, 1984–S. 70 of Act 1925 should be extended wider sense as it includes words any Act” with reference to business of a society as held by Supreme Court–Scope of business of a registered cooperative society will include all conceivable situations linked with such business. PLJ 1996 Karachi 394
S. 70–Co-operative Society–Suit for declaration without issuing notice under section 70–Maintainability of–Suit in respect of any act touching business of Cooperative Society is not maintainable against a registered cooperative society, in case provisions of section 70 of Act, 1925 are not complied with, by plaintiffs, as these provision are mandatory and it entitles any person including a society to maintain a case in a civil court only after service of notice–Hence suit not maintainable, plaint rejected. PLJ 1996 Karachi 394