Material Law Regulation, 1959

Allotment of land by Border Area Committee—Confirmation of such allotment subsequently after scrutiny by Border Area Committee in favour of predecessor of petitioner—Border Area Committee after fifteen years set aside allotment on miscellaneous application—Legality—Matter of allotment having become past and closed transaction. Border Area Committee could not have reviewed its earlier adjudication or nullify legal efficacy thereof—Mere existence of power to scrutinize did not authorize the committee to make repeated scrutinies leaving matter of allotment all the time open for scrutiny and leaving the sword hanging on the head of allottee—There has to be finality at some stage—Doctrine of res-judicata may not apply directly, yet the principle underlying the same was appropriately attracted in such like matters. 1981 SCMR 1180; 1989 SCMR 452; 1988 CLC 2289; PLD I987 SC 145; 1987 CLC 2378 and 1988 CLC 2277 ref. 2003 Lawvision 106 = PLJ 2003 Lahore 515