Agricultural land–Assuming character of residential/commercial area–Whether such land could be subject matter of consolidation proceedings–Question of–Idea behind consolidation of holdings is re-distribution of land in an estate so as to reduce number of plots–Disputed land is being used for commercial purposes since more than twenty years prior to initiation of consolidation proceedings–Held: Land in dispute could not conveniently be included in consolidation proceedings primarily meant for agricultural property. PLJ 1992 SC 365

Sanctioned scheme of Consolidation of holdings– –Setting aside of on direction of Minister–Challenge to–Contention that there was no material before High Court to show that Additional Commissioner (Consolidation) was ever directed by Minister to pass any order one way or other–Very order of Additional Commissioner (Consolidation) contains a reference to direction issued by Minister–Held: High Court rightly held that proceedings taken by Additional Commissioner in pursuance of order of Minister were wholly void and not sustainable–Petition dismissed. PLJ 1992 SC 116 PLJ 1990 SC 503 rel.