S.R.O. 1003 (I)/82.-Islamabad, the 10th October, 1982.-in exercise of the powers conferred by section 26 of the Export Processing Zones Authority Ordinance, 1980 (IV of 1980), the Federal Government is pleased to make the following rules, namely:-
1. Short title and commencement.-(1) These rules may be called the Export Processing Zone (Control of Employment) Rules, 1982.
(2) They shall come into force at once.
2. Definitions.–In these rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,–
(i) “employee” means a person employed or engaged for hire for any pecuniary consideration to work within a Zone and includes a worker and workman ;
(ii) “Ordinance” means the Export Processing Zones Authority Ordinance, 1980 (IV of 1980) ; and
(iii) all other words and expressions used but not defined in these rules shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Ordinance.

3. Terms and conditions of service.–(1) The service of an employee shall be governed by the terms and conditions as laid down in his letter of appointment issued under sub-rule (2) by the employer under his signature and accepted by the employee.
(2) The employer shall issue a letter of appointment in duplicate containing the agreed terms and conditions of employment in detail to every employee except to a person engaged on day-to-day basis.
(3) The employee shall put his signature or thumb impression on the duplicate copy of his letter of appointment in token of his acceptance and return the same to the employer.
(4) The employer shall be responsible to make payments of all contributions which would have been required to be paid by the employer under section 2 of the Provincial Employees’ Social Security Ordinance, 1965 (West Pakistan Ordinance No. X of 1965), and section 9 of Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Act, 1976 (XIV of 1976), had the Zones not been exempted from the provisions thereof.
(5) The Authority may from time to time issue instructions to employers regarding minimum wages, payment of wages, over-time work, leave, holidays, daily and weekly working hours, health and safety measures and other compensations not specifically mentioned in these rules and the letter of appointment issued under sub-rule (l) and any violation of the instructions so issued shall render the sanction for the establishment of the industrial undertaking Liable to be cancelled.
(6) Any agreement of employment contrary to these rules shall be void.

4. Prohibition off Strike.-No employee shall—
(a) retrain from or refuse to work or go slow on strike, or
(b) commence continue, instigate, incite or compel others to take part in or support, go slow or strike.

5. Termination of service.-The service of an employee array be terminated by an employer in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in his letter of appointment referred to in sub-rule (1) of rule 3:
Provided that: if tire letter of appointment contains provisions in that behalf the employer may terminations of the service by giving thirty days notice its writing or on payment substantive pay or wages in lieu thereof.

6. Resignation -An employee may resign from service by giving thirty days notice in writing or an payment of substantive: pay or wages in line thereof,

7. Adjudication.-(1) An employee snag, refer a dispute as to the term and conditions of his service or interpretation of these rules, within thirty days of an order passed by the employer, to the Labour Welfare Officer of the Zone, to be appointed by the Authority for the purpose.
(2) Upon receipt of an application under sub-rule (1), the Labour Welfare Officer shay, after herring the partitas, adjudicate and determine the dispute.
(3) The derision of the Labour Welfare Officer shall be in writing,
(4) Any party aggrieved by a decision of the Labour Welfare Officer may, within thirty day of the date thereof, file an appeal to the Manager, Labour, of the Zone, to be appointed by the Authority for the purpose.
(5) An appeal filed under sub-rule (4) shall be heard arid determined by the Manager, Labour, whose decision shall be final.
(6) If the parties to a dispute or appeal, at any time before the final decision of the case, satisfy the Labaur Welfare Officer or Manager, Labour, that the dispute has beets received amicably, such dispute or appeal may be allowed to be withdrawn.
(7) No counsel shall be allowed to appear in any proceedings before the Labour Welfare Officer or the Manager, Labour
Provided that the employer may be represented by an officer nominated by him for this purpose.