1. (1) These rules may be called the Karachi (Shelters in Factories) Rules, 1955.
(2) They shall apply to the Capital of the Federation.
(3) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

2. In these rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context –
(a) “Act” means the Factories Act, 1934 (XXV of 1934)
(b) “Chief Inspector” means the Chief Inspector appointed under sub*section (2) of section 10 of the Act.

3. The Manager of every factory in which more than one hundred and fifty workers are ordinarily employed and which may be specified in this behalf by the Chief Inspector by order in writing, shall provide free of cost am adequate shelter for the use of workers during the periods of rest.
The shelter to be provided under rule 3 shall conform to the following standards:
(a) The building shall he soundly constructed and all its walls and roofs shall be made of suitable heat resisting material and shall be water*proof. The floor and walls shall be so laid or finished up to the height of three feet from the floor as to provide smooth, hard or im*pervious surface. The remaining portion of the inside walls shall be made smooth with cement plaster or in any other manner approved in writing by the Chief Inspector.
(b) The height of every room in the building shall not be less than 12 feet from the floor level to the lower part of the roof.
(c) In every shelter there shall be at least ten square feet of floor area for every person employed at a time, provided that
(i) workers who habitually go home for their meals during the rest interval may be excluded in calculating the number of workers to be accommodated, and
(ii) in the case of factories in existence at the date of the coming into force of these rules, where it is impracticable owing to lack of space to provide ten square feet of floor area for every person, such reduced floor area may be provided for each person as may be approved in writing by the Chief Inspector.
Explanation: —- Any canteen maintained in accordance with the provisions of tile rules made under section 33 A of the Act, shall be regarded as part of the shelter, to such extent as the Chief Inspector may in writing direct.
(d) Sufficient and suitable provisions shall be made in every room for securing and maintaining adequate ventilation and there shall also be provided and maintained sufficient and suitable natural and artificial lighting.
(e) Every .room shall be adequately furnished with chairs or benches with back rests; and there shall also be provided free of charge for the benefit of the workers –
(i) adequate number of fans ; and
(ii) sufficient supply of water fit for drinking.
(f) Sweepers shall he employed to keep the rooms, building and precincts thereof in a clean and tidy, condition.