Act No. XXIII OF 1974

22nd April, 1974

An Act to provide for the Establishment of a University
Grants Commission.

WHEREAS, in the interest of educational planning and laying down a uniform policy as also to secure coordination between the universities, it is expedient to provide for the establishment of a University Grants Commission and for matters connected there with or incidental thereto ;
1. Short title, extent and commencement.—1—(1) This Act may be called the University Grants Commission Act, 1974.
(2) It extends to the whole of Pakistan. (3) It shall come into force at once.

2. Definitions. In this Act unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,
(a) ” Chairman ” means the Chairman of the Commission ;
(b) ” Commission ” means the University Grants Commission established under section 3 ;
(c) ” committee ” means a committee constituted under section 13 ;
(d) ” Controlling Authority ” means the Federal Minister incharge of the Ministry of Education ;
(e) ” fund ” means the fund constituted under section 11 ;
(f) ” prescribed ” means prescribed by rules made under this Act ;
(g) ” syndicate ” means the syndicate of a university established by or under any law or, as the case may be, the executive body of an institution declared to be a university for the purposes of this Act : and
(h) ” university ” means a university established or incorporated by or under any law for the time being in force and includes an educational institution which the Federal Government may, in consultation with the Commission, by notification in the official Gazette declare to be a university for the purposes of this Act.

3. Establishment of the Commission.–(1) As soon as may be, the Federal Government shall; by notification in the official Gazette, establish a Commission to be called the University Grants Commission.
(2) The Commission shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with powers, subject to the provisions of this Act, to acquire, hold and dispose of property, both movable and immovable, and shall by the said name sue or be sued.
(3) The headquarters of the Commission shall be at Islamabad.

4. Constitution of the Commission.—(1) The Commission shall consist of the following Constitution hers, namely :—
(a) the Chairman ;
(b) a whole-time member ;
(c) two honorary members ;
(d) the Secretary to the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Education, ex-officio;
(e) the Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation, ex-officio ; and
(f) the Chairman of the Vice-Chancellors Committee, ex-officio ;
(2) The Chairman, the whole-time member and the honorary members shall be appointed by the Federal Government from amongst eminent educationists, including scientists of repute.
(3) The Chairman and the members other than the ex-officio members, shall hold office for a period of three years and shall be eligible for re-appointment ;
Provided that the Federal Government may at any time, after giving the Chairman or, as the case may be a member an opportunity of being heard, remove him front his office.
(4) No act or proceeding of the Commission shall be invalid by reason only of the existence of a vacancy in, or defect-in the constitution of, the Commission.

5. Salary and allowances of the Chairman and members. The Chairman and a member shall be entitled, to such salary and allowances as the Federal Government may determine.

6. Resignation and filling of vacancies. (1) The Chairman or any member may, by writing under his hand addressed to the Federal Government, resign his office.
(2) Any vacancy occurring in the membership of the Commission due to death, resignation or removal shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

7. Meetings of the Commission. (1) A meeting of the Commission shall be held on such day and at such time as the Chairman may appoint.
(2) For the purposes or meeting of the Commission, four members shall constitute a quorum.
(3) The Chairman or, in his absence, the whole-time member shall preside at a meeting of the Commission.
(4) All decisions of the Commission shall be expressed in terms of the opinion of the majority of its members present and voting and, in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman or, as the case may be, the member presiding at the meeting, shall have a castings vote :
Provided that the Controlling Authority may refer any decision of the Commission back to the Commission for reconsideration
The meetings of the Commission shall be held at its headquarters :
Provided that the Commission may, with the prior approval of the Controlling Authority, hold a meeting at any other place.

8. Functions of the Commission. For the promotion and co-ordination of university education, the determination and maintenance of standard of teaching, examination and research in universities, the promotion of national unity and solidarity, the orientation of university programmes to national needs the Commission may—
(1) in consultation with the Federal Government, a Provincial Government or thee University or other body concerned,–
(a) inquire into the financial needs of the universities and prepare quennial programmes for their development ;
(b) allocate and disburse out of the fund, grants to the universities for their approved projects and ensure the proper utilisation of such grants ;
(c) receive schemes and requests from the universities and, after scrutiny, recommend to the Federal Government or a Provincial Government for grants-in-aid;
(d) collect information and data on all such matters relating to university education in Pakistan and other countries as it thinks tit and make the same available to the Federal Government or a Provincial Government, universities and such other agencies as it may deem fit ;
(e) institute fellowships, scholarships and visiting professorships in various universities of Pakistan ;
(f) support and co -ordinate the research programmes of the universities ;
(g) support and promote extra-mural and extra-curricular activities at inter-university level ;
(h) supervise generally the academic programme and development of various institutions of higher learning and education in the country ;
(i) recommend to the universities the measures necessary for the improvement of university education ; and
(j) perform such other functions, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, as may be prescribed or as may be incidental or consequential to the discharging of the aforesaid function ;
(2) advise the Federal Government or a Provincial Government—-
(a) an the establishment of a new university or the expansion of the activities of an existing university or promotion or higher education; and
(b) on any question which may be referred to it;
(3) bring to the notice of the Federal Government or a Provincial Government the problems of teachers and students and recommend measures for solution thereof; ands –
(4) perform such other functions as the Controlling Authority may assign to it.

9. Additional functions of the Commission. For ascertaining the financial needs of a university or its standard of teaching, examination research, the commission may the Commission.
(a) after consultation with the Federal Government or, as the case may be, Provincial Government, and a university, cause it visitation, of any department of university to be made, in such a manner as may be prescribed, by a person appointed by the Commission ; and
(b) after such visitation, communicate its views to the Federal Government or, as the case may be, Provincial Government and the university concerned, together with its recommendations, if any, regarding any action to be taken

10. Representation of Commission on syndicates.—Any law or other instrument providing for the establishment or incorporation of a university shall have effect as if it provided for the syndicate of the university consisting of a nominee of the Commission in addition to the members of the syndicate provided for in such law or instrument.

11. Fund and reports of the Commission.–(I) The Commission shall have a fund to which shall be credited all grants and contributions made by the Federal Government or a Provincial Government or by any person or authority and out of which shall be disbursed the grants and other expenditure to be made and incurred by the Commission under this act.
(2) The accounts of the Commission shall be maintained in such form and manner as may be prescribed and shall be audited by an auditor appointed by the Controlling Authority, being a person who is a chartered accountant within the meaning of the X of Chartered Accountants Ordinance, 1961.
(3) The Commission shall, after the end of every financial year, submit to the Federal Government the audited annual statement of accounts of the Commission, together with the report of the auditor.
(4) The Commission shall also submit to the Federal Government after the end of every year a report of its activities during that year and the Federal Government shall cause the report to be laid before each House of Parliament.

12. Appointment of officers, employees etc., For the efficient performance of its functions, the Commission may appoint its employees and, with the prior approval of the Controlling Authority, advisers and officers, on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed.

13. Committees.–(1) T he Commission shall have the following Committees, namely : —
(a) Vice-Chancellors Committee ;
(b) Pakistan Universities Co-ordination Council ;
(c) Pakistan Universities Sports Board ;
(d) Equivalence Committee
(e) Finance Committee ;
(f) Planning and Development Committee ;
(g) Higher Education Committee ; and
(h) Any other committee which the Commission may deem proper to set up.
(2) The composition and functions of a committee shall be such as the Commission may determine.

14. Authentication of decision etc.,—All decisions of the Commission shall be authenticated by the signature of the Chairman or of any other member authorised by the Commission in this behalf and all other orders or instruments issued or executed by or on behalf of the Commission shall be authenticated by the signature of an officer of the Commission authorised by it.

15. Rules. The Commission may, with the prior approval of the Controlling Authority, by notification in the official Gazette, make rules for carrying out the purposes of this Act.