No. SO(P_I)12-80/89 In exercise of the powers conferred on it under Section 17 and 18 of the Punjab Government Education & Training Institute Ordinance 1960,as amended in 1984,the board of Governors for the children library complex, Lahore is pleased to frame with prior approval of the Government of the Punjab ,the following rules namely:


These rules may be called the children library complex, Lahore, rules, 1992
These rules shall come into force at once

In these rules the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the meaning hereby respectively assigned:
I. “Board” means the board of Governors of the children library complex, Lahore, appointed under section 4 of the Ordinance.
II. “Board Fund” means the fund vested in the board under the ordinance.
III. “Bank” means the scheduled bank nominated by the Board to keep the Boards Funds.
IV. “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Board appointed under section 4of the ordinance.
V. “Vice Chairman” means the Vice Chairman of the board appointed by the Chairman of the Board.
VI. “Complex” means the Children Library Complex, Lahore.
VII. “Government” means the Government of the Punjab.
VIII. “Members” mean the members of the Board of Governors appointed under section 4 of the ordinance.
IX. “Ordinance” means the Punjab government Educational and Training Institution Ordinance, 1980, as amended in 1984.
X. “Project Director” means the officer appointed by the Government to be a Project Director of the Complex.
XI. Secretary to the Board of Governors.


3. All business of the board , except such business as is assigned buy these Rules or is delegated by the board to the Chairman or Project Director of the Board, shall be transacted at a meeting of the board.


I. The Board shall ordinarily meet for the transaction of business at least once every 6 months at a time and place specified by the Chairman.

II. The Chairman may, whenever he deems fit, and shall on a little request of not less then three members, convene a specified meeting of the board.

III. The chairman shall preside over the meeting of the board. In the absence of the chairman the vice chairman will preside the meeting.

IV. No business shall be transacted at a meeting unless at least three members are present in addition to the Project Director, Secretary to the Board of Governors.

V. Each member shall leave one vote and in case of equality of votes the chairman of the meeting shall have a second of casting vote. In case of difference of opinion ,the dicision of the majority of the members present shall prevail


I) The date, time and place of a meeting of the board, where ordinary or special shall be fixed with the approval of the chairman and the secretary shall inform the members of the same through a written notice at least seven days before the date of the meeting.

II) The agenda for the meeting shall be dispatched to each member at least four days before the meeting, provided that with the permission of the Chairman, additional items may be added to the agenda at a short notice.

III) The proceeding of the Board shall not be invalid merely on the grounds that the notice of the meeting had not been received by any member, provided that, the number of members constituting the quorum was present at the meeting.

IV) In urgent cases, the Chairman, may if he deems fit pass orders on behalf of the Board, If it is not possible or practicable to hold a meeting of the Board in time. Call such orders shall be placed before the Board for confirmation or otherwise, in the next meeting to be held as soon as possible.


i. The project Director shall keep a record of the proceeding of the meeting.
ii. Within one week of the meeting, whether ordinary or special, the project Director shall circulate the minutes of the meeting among the member so the Board, for their information. If no objection is received within ten days of such circulation, he shall submit the member, he shall forward the minutes to the Chairman indicating the Objections raised, for decision, The decision so made by the Chairman shall be final. A copy of the confirmed minutes shall be circulated among all the member within ten days.



i. The Board’s funds shall be kept in accordance with rules/ instructions of the Government issued from time to time.
ii. The Project Director being an officer of category one in terms of delegation of Financial Power Rules 1980, Incur expenditure up to the limit given in the said rules and beyond that he/she shall get the sanction from the Board of Governor.
iii. Payment from the Board funds shall be made under the order of the project Director or a senior Member of the staff, so authorized, by the Board.
iv. All money paid to the Board shall be deposited on the same day or on the next working day.
v. The Budget and Account officer or a Senior Member of the Staff, so authorized By the Project Director shall keep the Cheque Books in his/her personal custody.
vi. All Payment from the Board’s Funds, Where the amount is Rs. 1,000/- (one Thousand) or more shall be made by cheque.
vii. The Board of Governor may authorise4 the Project Director to maintain a Permanent advance no exceeding Rs. 10,000/-(Ten Thousand)
viii. At the end of each month, the receipts and expenditure antlered in the cash Book shall be compared by the Budget and Account Officer, Item by item, with the Bank pass Books/ Statement, and if there is different it should be explained in a foot note in the Cash Book, which shall be put up to the Project Director not late than the tenth working day of each month.

The project director/ secretary Board shall maintain or cause to be maintained the following registers, a shall ensure that these are kept date and complete.
a) Cash Register/s
b) Subsidiary Receipt and Expenditure Register For each head of account ‘
c) Stock Register/s
d) Accession Register/s
e) Subscription Register/s
f) Security Deposit Register/s
g) Periodicals Register/s
h) Such other registers or forms of account as he deems necessary or as ma be directed by the Board.

i. The Board shall cause to be prepared the Budget including detailed estimates of receipts and expenditure for every financial year and shall submit the same for approval to Government not later than last day of October, of each year.
ii. A statements of Accounts relating to a financial year shall be submitted by the Board to the Government not later than the 30th day of September, of the following financial year.
iii. For each calendar year, an annual report on the Working of the complex shall be furnished by the Board,’ to Government not later than the 1st day of October, of the year following the close of the financial year.
iv. Government May where necessary give directions to the Board to make such amendments in its budget as are indicated by Government and the Board shall revise the Budget in accordance with such directions.

10 . AUDT:
The Board fund shall be audited once in each year by or under the authority of the director, Local fund Audit.


The Board of Government shall have power to: Determine and decide all major question of policy.
ii. Appoint officer and employs of the Complex as the Board may deem fir in cases where power to do so has not been specifically delegated to the Committee appointed by the Board or to the Project Director and subordinate officer,
iii. The Board May delegate only its administrative power to the Project director. The financial power of the Project director will be the same as printed in the delegation of Financial power Rules 1990.
Iv) constitute such executive, financial, technical and advisory committees and the Board may deem necessary and lay down the functions and power that may be performed and excercised by the Committee on behalf of the Board.
v) Make rules and regulation for carrying into effect the purpose of the ordinance, in according with the Government policies.
vi) As per Rule4 second schedule , pas 1 of the Delegation Of Financial power rules 1990, the schemes for the improvement of the Complex, for which Government loan or grant of up to Rs. 60.00 lace is required, will be approved by the Department Development Sub- Committee..
vii) Approve all schemes for which no government loan or grant is required will be initiated under intimation to Govt.
viii) Approve the annual Budgets of the Board, prior to submission f these budgets to the government for final approval.
ix) Approve the annual report on the activities of the Complex, Prior to its submission to the government.


The chairman shall have power to:
i. Appoint an employee of the Complex to hold charge of more than one post at a time provided that such an appointment shall not involve any promotion.
ii. Nominate a senior officer of the Board to perform that such temporary absence does no exceed two month.
iii. Withhold increments of the employees provided that the employees so effected shall have the right of appeal to the Board within one month from communication of decision of withholding of increments, and the Board shall pronounce its verdict within a period of 6 month of the withholding of the increment.
iv. Write off losses other than those due to negligence or fraud, up to any amount.
v. Raise funds, through loans and grants, for the schemes and project of the complex,
vi. Determine the rate of Subscription foes and other charge to level on the members and the other institutions. For participation in the various activities of the Complex,
vii. Declare the Complex, closed up to a maximum period of one month for stock taking during a calendar year.
viii. Sanction subsistence allowance to an employee of the Complex, placed under suspension, according to the rules applicable to Government servants.
ix) Sanction loans and advances to the employees of the Complex in accordance with the rules applicable to Government servants, subject to the availability of funds.
x) Sanction re-appropriation of funds within the approved budget provided that such re-appropriation would be made in accordance with the instructions of the government, Issued from time to time
xi) The Board may delegate any of its powers to the Chairman.
xii) The Chairman may delegate the powers to the Vice Chairman after confirmation of the Board.


The Project Director shall have powers to:
i) According to the Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1990 the Project Director being an officer in BS-19 comes in category (one)
ii) While making appointments against all posts from BPS 1 to BPS 15; Govt. instruction contained in SGA&I Department Notification No. SOR-III-1-5/74 dated 24th August 1974 and instruction issued from time to time on the subject may be kept in view.
iii) Appoint an employee of the Complex to hold charge of more than one post at a time. Project Director may decide such cases in the light of F.Ds letter No. D.D SR-III-012-14/88 dated 17-03-1988. The additional charge of the vacant post may be given initially period of 3 months by the competent authority.
iv) Define and determine an employee’s sphere of duties and responsibilities.
v) Declare the Complex closed on a working day in lieu of a gazetted holiday observed by the Complex as a working day.
vi) Project Director will allow all sort of leave to the employees of Complex except earned leave, medical leave or leave Ex-Pakistan, in case of officer whose, cases will be submitted to the Board.
vii) Exercise full powers as the Controlling Officer and Drawing and Disbursing Officer in respect of his own pay and allowances and in respect of the employees of the Complex as per Govt. Rules.
viii) Grant travelling and daily allowance at the rate admissible under Government rules, to the employees of the Complex other than himself.
ix) As per Rules 14 of serial No. Part-I of the Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 1990 Project Director of Children Library Complex an officer of category II has full powers in respect of claim not more than three years old and in respect of those whom he/she is competent to appoint.
x) Grant honoraria up to Rs. 1,000/- in a year to an employee of the Complex/ Government servant on deputation and where the grant to an employee is likely to exceed Rs. 1,000/- in a year, the orders of the Chairman shall have to be obtained as per Govt. instructions.
xi) Withhold increments of the employees for whom he is the appointing authority; provided that the employee so affected shall have the right of appeal to the Chairman, within one month from the communication of decision of withholding of increment and the Chairman shall pronounce his verdict within a period of two months of withholding of the increment.
xii) Prescribe the form of security bond to be executed by the employee entrusted with the custody of cash/stores etc.
xiii) The Project Director shall sanction expenditure specified in budget for each item not exceeding Rs. 1,50,000/-

Dated: 15-09-1998