No. 86 (PIMP.) 12-60/89. IN exercise of the powers conferred on it by clause (e) of sub-section (2) of section 18 the Punjab Government Educational & Training Institution ordinance, 1960 as amended in 1984, the Board of Governors for the Children Library Complex, Lahore is Pleased to frame with the Prior approval of the Government of the Punjab, the following Rules to regulates recruitment and service condition, for the person appointed to various categories.


1) These Rules may be called the Children Library Complex, Lahore Recruitment Rules, 1991.
ii) These shall come into force from the date of this notification.


In these Rules unless the context other wise requires, the following expressions shall have the meanings herby respectively assigned.
1) Appointing Authority means the appointment authority as shown In column 4 of the schedule
2) Recruitment Committee means a committee constituted by the Board to make recommendations for appointment promotion to various posts.
3) Basic Scale means the scale of pay prescribed/ adopted by the Board and includes all allowances and other fringe benefits attached herewith to the extent adopted by the Board.
4) Board means the Children Library Complex, Lahore.
5) Complex, means the Children Library Complex Lahore.
6) Committee means a committee constituted by the Board.
7) Deputation pay means the additional pay granted to the employs of a public authority other than the Children Library Complex, Lahore when appointed to work in the Complex and is mutually agreed upon between the Board and the lending authority.
8) Duty means the performance of the functions of an office or a post or the obligations of a service contracts, and includes the activities which the competent authority may consider it to be in the interest of the Complex.
9) Employee means a person employed in any manner to a post and paid out of the Board’s fund.
10) Government means the Government of the Punjab.
11) Honorarium means a recurring or non-recurring payment granted to an employee from the Board’s fund as remuneration for special work of an occasional character.
12) Lien means the title of a Board’s employee to hold substantively either immediately or an the termination of a period or periods of absence , a permanent post, including a tenure post, to which he has been appointed substantively.
13) Officiating Appointment means a Board’s employee who officiating in a post and performs the duties of a post on which another person holds lien. The competent authority may, if it thinks fit, appoint a board employee to in a vacant post on which another Board’s employee holds a lien.
14) Pay means the monthly employee for the duties performed or any other employee for the duties performed or any other emoluments which may be specifically classified as such.
15) Prescribed, means prescribed by Notification, Regulations or Rules, as the case may be.
16) Presumptive pay’ may used with reference to any particular Board’s employee, means the pay to which he/ she would be entitled if he/she held the post substantively and were performing the duties, but it sods notifications special pay unless the Board’s employee perform or discharges the work or responsibility, or is exposed to the unhealed thy conditions, in consideration of which the special pay was sanctioned.
17) Permanent post’ means a post sanctioned without limit of time.
18) Schedule means schedule appended to these Regulations.
19) Special pay’ means an addition to the emoluments of a post granted in consideration of:
a) The specially arduous nature of the duties; or
b) A specific addition to the work of responsibility.
20) Substantive pay’ means the pay, other than special pay, personal pay or emoluments classed as pay by the competent authority to which a Board’s employee is entitles on account of a post to which he/she has been substantive position in a cadre.
NOTE: Substantive pay includes the pay drawn by a probationer in a post to which he/ she has been appointed on probation.
21) Substantive post’ means a permanent post carrying a definite scale of pay.
22) Tenure post’s means a permanent post which an individual Board’s employee may not hold for more than specified period.

I. Except as otherwise provided, these rules shall apply to all employee of Board.
II. These Rules shall not apply in whole or in part to:-
III. Government servants transferred to serve under the Board.
IV. Person in the category (i) shall be governed by the terms and conditions determined by the Government & (ii) shall be governed by the specific conditions of their appointment or contract of service.

If an employee will wish to resign from service he/she shall have to give notice to the appointing authority for the period as may be laid down in his appointment order or if no such period has been mentioned in the appointment order, one month’s notice will be gien or one month’s pay will be deposited in lieu thereof.
In case of appointment to a temporary post, the appointing authority may terminate the services of an employee on one month’s notice without assigning any reason or payment of salary in lieu thereof.
The inters seniority of the officials / officers of the Complex will be determined with reference to their date of continuous regular appointment in the sale.
5. The staff of the Complex will be transferable to any other Government, semi Government or Autonomous organization as per provision of the civil servants Act,1974,
With the approval of the Board.


The efficiency and Discipline Rules 1975, notified by the Government of the Punjab will also be applicable to the staff of the Complex till such time the Board notifies its rules.

It there arises a situation which is not covered by these Rules, the same may be dealt with by Board or as per provision of Civil Servants Act, 1974,

The decision of the Board on the interpretation of the Rules shall be final and binding on all concerned.