An Act further to amend the Societies Registration Act,

[Gazette of Punjab, Extraordinary, 1st April, 2009]

No. Legis. 13-11/2002, – – – The following Ordinance promulgated by the Governor of the Punjab is herby published for general information:

Whereas it is expedient to amend the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (XXI of 1860) for the purposes hereinafter appearing;

And whereas the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab is not in session and the Governor of the Punjab is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary to take immediate action:

Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 128 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Governor of the Punjab is pleased to make and promulgates the following ordinance:

1. Short title and commencement, – – – (1) This Ordinance may be cited as the Societies Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 2009.

(2) It shall come into force at once.

2. Insertion of Section 1-A in the Act XXI of 1860, – – – In the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (XXI of 1860), hereinafter referred to as the said Act, after Section 1, the following Section 1-A shall be inserted :

“1-A. Definitions, In this Act;

(a) “Government” means the Government of the Punjab;

(b) “Member” means a member of a society;

(c) “Prescribed” means prescribed by the rules made under he Act;

(d) “Registrar” means a person appointed by the Government as the Registrar to exercise jurisdiction under the Act; and

(e) “Society” means the society registered under the Act;

3. Substitution of Section 12 of the Act XXI of 1860, – – – In the said Act, Section 12 shall be substituted by the following;

“12. Amalgamation and division of societies – – – (1) If it appears to the governing body of a society, which has been established for any particular purpose or purpose, that it is advisable to alter, extend or abridge such purpose to or for other pure pose s within the meaning of this Act, or to amalgamate such society either wholly or partially worth any other society, the governing body may submit the proposition toe the members of the society in a written report and may convene a special meeting for the consideration of the report according to the regulation s of the society.

(2) A society shall not carry into effect any such proposition unless the report has been delivered or sent by post to every member of the society ten days prior to the special meeting convened for this purpose, and the proposition is agreed to by the votes of three fifth of the members, delivered in person or by proxy, and confirmed by the votes of three fifth of the members present at a second special meeting convened by the governing body at an interval of one month after the former meeting.

(3) The society shall submit the proceedings and other details relating to alteration, abridgement or amalgamation to the Registrar.

(4) The Registrar may, after an enquiry and for reasons to be recorded in writing cancel the amalgamation or abridgement of a society on his own motion or on application of the society or on the application of one fifth members of the society in the prescribed manner.

(5) If three fifth members of a society pass the revolution in a special meeting summoned of the purpose of division of the society, the Registrar shall, in the prescribed manner, divide the society into two or more societies.

(6) The Registrar shall issue the certificate of registration after fulfillment of the condition soft alteration, abridgement, amalgamating, cancellation of abridgement or amalgamation or division of a society.

4. Insertion of Section 22 in the Act XXI of 1860, – – – In the said Act, after Section 21, the following Section 22 shall be inserted:

“22. Rules, – – – The Government may make rules for carrying out the purposes of this Act;