12th August, 1949

ln pursuance of clause (b) of section,4 the Cantonments (Requisitioning of lmmovable Property) Ordinance, 1948 (IV of 1948) the Central Government is pleased t mike the following Rules, namely;

1. The compensation determined under these Rules shall be compensation.

2. (i) The compensation shall, if possible, be determined by agreement the owner of the immovable property and the Military Estate Officer.

(ii) Where no such agreement is reached within reasonable time n be the rent of the house on the basis of which the annual value is for the purposes of taxation in the assessment list prepared by the Cantonment Board concerned under section 66 of the Cantonments Act 1924 (II of 1924).

3. The owner of the house shall be liable for repairs to the house to keep
It id condition, and in his default the Military Estate Office may do the i ax4 the cost thereof from the rent, provided that such deductions shall not in any one year exceed a sum equivalent to 3 months’ rent as determined by these Rules.

4. The term “House” in these Rules means a building or let wholly or partially for residential purposes and includes:-

(i) any garden, grounds and outhouses appurtenant to such building or part of a building; and

(ii) any furniture supplied by the landlord for use in such buildings or part of a building.