PPRA Rules Query on Acceptance of Bids/Negotiations

Client Query 026:- Hello, I wanted to discuss a query of mine! Wanted to ask that in civil works if the prices quoted by the pre-qualified firms exceed the engineer estimate who is working as a consultant, particularly when the excess is huge as compared to the engineer estimated prices, then what should a procuring agency do? Shall the procuring agency ask the pre-qualified firms to resubmit the financials? Also, how much price difference from engineer, who is a consultant, estimate is acceptable in the eyes of law? Will be looking forward to your reply! Thanks!


Muhammad Hashim, Dubai


Answer:- Thank you very much for writing to us and lying down your trust in our organization. However based on your query we would like to tell you that, the price estimations is required to be carried out by the procuring agency and difference in price is to be analyzed by the procuring agency making its own decisions prudently and wisely. Hope this will help you!


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