August 7, 2020

PPRA Rules on Direct Contracting/Negotiated Tendering

Client Query 058:- Hello, hope everything is fine at your end. As per the direct contracting clause 42(c)(ii), can the contract be given to a specific newspaper or magazine namely X,Y, Z,  which is proprietary in nature and based on specific readership, circulation and contents. Wanted to clarify that is the comparison of it with other newspapers or magazine possible or no? Your assistance in this regard will be really appreciated. Thanks


Hadi Ahmed, UK


Answer:- Thank you very much for writing to us. As per your query, Public Procurement Rules, 2004 are self-regulatory in nature and they do not put any limit upon the procuring agencies. If the underlying conditions of Rule 42(c) state that the direct contracting are met, then the procuring agency can proceed further.

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