August 8, 2020

PPRA Rules on Acceptance of Bids/Negotiations

Client Query 038:- Hello, Hope you doing well. Wanted to ask that, in single stage, single envelope Tender, there were Nine firms participated in the bid out of which two firms offered rebate on their total quoted amounts prior to opening of Bids. Now one of them is declared the Lowest evaluated Bidder and the same was announced publicly during opening of Bids in presence of all the participating Bidders. So according to PPRA Rule-40, is offering any rebate prior to submission/ opening of bids is allowable or not? Will be looking forward to your response!


Mohsin Ali, New York


Answer:- Thank you very much for writing to us. As per your query it may be noted that reduction of rates, rebates, discounts etc. from the bidders during the process of bid evaluation until award of contract to the lowest evaluated bidder are not allowed. Hope this answers your question.

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