July 7, 2020

PPRA Rules on Acceptance of Bids/Negotiations

Client Query 078:- Hi, wanted to discuss about my company’s matter. Actually our company has recently advertised a civil work tender in which 9 firms have participated. At the time of opening of bids the lowest bidder say “ABC company” was with a bid value of Rs 3.4Mn and second lowest was at Rs 3.6Mn and third lowest (say company XYZ) at Rs3.65Mn. At the time of award of contract the major calculations mistakes have been observed in the quotes of lowest (ABC) and third lowest bidder (XYZ) and by correcting the calculation mistakes in detailed BOQ the third lowest becomes the lowest with value of Rs 3.3Mn and ABC company which was initially lowest after correction its bid value becomes Rs3.6Mn. Now my question to you is this that should we proceed to place the order on the actual lowest bidder XYZ (initially it was third lowest because of calculations mistake) who is also agreed to work on the revised value after correction of calculations? Will be looking forward to your response!


Bilal Hassan, New York


Answer:- Thank you very much for writing to us & lying your trust in our firm for answering your query. As per your query according to Rule 31(1) of Public Procurement Rules, 2004 provides that no bidder shall be allowed to alter or modify his bid after the bids have been opened. However, the procuring agency may seek and accept clarifications to the bid that do not change the substance of the bid. Hope this helps in answering your question!

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