August 4, 2020

Pollution Mafia in Pakistan

Query on Pollution Mafia
A certain mafia in my locality is criminally spraying pollutants and drugs on the roads in heavy traffic to cause accidents.
Upon my compliant, State Authorities in Pakistan are unable to do anything due to the lack of proper expertise.
Please advise me of my legal options as I am observing this since 2007 and am able to identify them their place and toxins involved.
(By Anonymous)
Our Advice
Please start collecting video evidence of the same, after which you can contact the police and the media channels in your area.
Unless you are victim of the road accidents yourself, there is little you can do in the way of Civil Legal Action, unless you can bring together the class of affected persons for a public interest/class action law suit.You can however make a proper police report along with the local residents with proper video evidence.
If you fear for your safety, please contact a journalist or news agency which will follow up the story.
Our daily online queries are republished with  much anonymity to help the general public.Please contact us at if you have a similar query.

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