RULES, 1971.

Notification S.R.O. 264 (1)71. In exercise of the powers conferred by section 6 of the petroleum products (Development Surcharge) Ordinance, 1961 (XXV of 1961), the Central Government is pleased to direct that the following further amendment shall be made in the petroleum products (Development Surcharge) Rules, 1971, namely :-

In the aforesaid Rules, in Rule 3, after clause (f), .the following new clause (g) shall be added and shall be deemed to have taken effect from the 5th May, 1971 namely:-

‘(g) Dealer’s Commission. Dealer’s commission on Motor Gasoline, Automotive Gas. 100 Octane (High Octane Blending component) and High Speed Diesel Oil, at the rates approved by the Central Government.’