S.R.O. 1554 (K). The Karachi Development Authority Recovery of Water Charges Regulations, 1960, are hereby published for the information of all concerned.

In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 15 read with Article 116 of the Karachi Development Authority Order, 1957, the Karachi Development Authority hereby makes the following Regulations, namely:–

1.         Short title, and commencement.– These Regulations may be called the Karachi Development Authority Recovery of Water Charges Regulations, 1960.

(2)        They shall come into force at once.

2.         Definitions.—  In these Regulations, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context  “Order” means the Karachi Development Authority Order, 1957 (President’s Order V of 1957), and all other terms and expressions have the same meaning as assigned to them under the Order.

3.         (1) When any amount declared by or under the provisions of the order or these Regulations to be recoverable in the manner provided in these Regulations or payable on account of any charges shall have become due, the Authority shall with the lease possible delay, cause to be presented to any person liable for the payment thereof a bill for the sum claimed as due.

(2)        Every such bill shall specify the period for which any the property, occupation or thing in respect of which the sum is claimed and also give notice of inability incurred on default of payment.

(3)        If the sum for which any bill has been presented as aforesaid is not paid within 15 days from the presentation thereof, then the Authority may cause to be served upon the person to whom such bill has been presented a notice of demand in form “A”

4.         (1) When any notice, bill, or other document is required by these Regulations to be served upon or issued or presented to any person, such service, issue or presentation shall be effected:-

(a)        by giving or tendering the notice, bill, or document to him; or

(b)        if he is not found, by leaving the notice, or document at his last known place of abode or by giving or tendering the same to some adult male member or servant of his family; or

(c)        if none of the methods mentioned in the preceding paragraphs can be used, by causing a copy of the notice or document to be affixed on some conspicuous part of the building or land (if any) to which it relates.

(2)        In case of anticipated evasion of service thereof may be effected in all the three manners as provided above simultaneously

(3)        If any constituent body fails within one month of the receipt of a demand for any sum claimed by the Authority to pay such sum in full, the Central Government may, on a requisition from the Authority in this behalf : (a) if the balances of the constituent body are kept in the Government Treasury, order the Officer-in-charge of the Treasury to reduce the said balance by the amount of sum so claimed and pay that amount to the Authority; or (b) in the case of persons other than constituent bodies the dues of the Authority shall be recoverable as arrears of land revenue as defined by the local law of a Province in which the defaulter resides for the time being.

5.         The Authority may cut off the connection of water supply in default of payment of any bill within two months from the date of receipt thereof, and water supply may be restored only on payment of water charges outstanding against such defaulter or defaulters and of an additional sum of Rs.500.

6.         In such case of default interest at the rate of 6% shall be charged on all outstanding balances, if the bills presented by the Authority are not paid in full within two months from the date of receipt thereof.



[See Regulation 3(3) at previous page]





            Take notice that the Authority demand from ———— the sum of ————- due from ———– on account of —————– leviable under ——————— for the period of —————commencing on ——————- day —————– 19 ———–

            If within one month from the service of this notice the said sum is not paid into the office of the Karachi Development Authority, Karachi or sufficient cause for non-payment is not shown to the satisfaction of the Authority, interest at the rate of 6% will be charged and water supply will be liable to be disconnected and restored on payment of Rs.400 in addition to the dues demanded.

Dated this ……………. day of ……………….. 19 …………..