2010  SCMR  1559     SUPREME-COURT




S. 5—Oil and Gas Development Corporation (Re-organization) Ordinance (XXVIII of 2001), S.5—Oil and Gas Development Corporation Service Regulations, 1994—Constitution of Pakistan (1973), Art.212—Reinstatement in service—Employees of Oil and Gas Development Corporation—Status of civil servant—Respondents were dismissed from service under the provisions of Removal from Service (Special Powers) Ordinance, 2000 but Service Tribunal reinstated them in service—Plea raised by authorities was that assumption of jurisdiction by Service Tribunal was not tenable as the Corporation was not being governed by statutory rules—Validity—Employees of Oil and Gas Development Company continued to be governed under Service Regulations framed in the year, 1994, unless those were varied and amended or repealed as the case could be—Principal accused who allegedly transported joint pipes in question, was reinstated into service by authorities who were not able to point out pecuniary loss suffered by the company—Alleged pipes had been recovered and were restored to company—Supreme Court declined to interfere in the judgment passed by Service Tribunal as no question of law of public importance within the meaning of Art. 212 of the Constitution was raised—Authorities failed to point out any illegality to warrant interference by Supreme Court—Appeal was dismissed.