2009  PLD  363     SUPREME-COURT





S. 8 [as inserted by Petroleum Products (Petroleum Development Levy) (Amendment) Ordinance (XXVI of 2001)]—Constitution of Pakistan (1973), Art.184(3)—Constitutional petition before Supreme Court—Controversy regarding procedure adopted for fixation of prices of Oil and Gas —Supreme Court, after hearing the petitioners and consultation with counsel of respective respondents suggested that in order to resolve the controversy in a befitting manner an exercise had to be undertaken starting from the date Oil Companies Advisory Committee was authorized to fix prices of Oil and Gas i.e. from 29-6-2001 to 1-4-2006 when its authority was given to Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, it would be appropriate to appoint a Judicial Commission headed by a Retired Judge of the Supreme Court, who after consulting all stake-holders including the consumers shall submit a comprehensive report in respect of the points referred to it and any other point which comes in its notice—Counsel for respondents agreed for the appointment of Commission to do the needful—Supreme Court formulated questions required to be considered and answered by the Commission and issued directions with regard to other details of functioning and maintenance of the establishment of the Commission.