Telecommunications Law

How can we help you as a Telecommunications Specialist Law Firm?

Telecommunications law in Pakistan has gone through intense technological changes in the past one decade. As specialists in Media and Telecommunications legal advice, our law firm understands the way law, regulation and technology has an impact upon the evolving business models in the local sector. We help our clients perceive and preempt compliance with regulation and anticipated laws, while they can focus upon expanding their business and taking advantage of the vast opportunities created by the emergence of new technologies in this sector.

Our local and international clients include Broadband Wireless Network Operators, WiMax technologists, Fiber Network Operators, VOIP resellers, wholesalers, and providing advice on regulatory developments as well as representation in negotiation of commercial agreements.

We offer specific legal advice for Pakistani Private Telecom Companies and Incumbent Telecom Institutions in the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Internet Industry pertaining to the following matters:

  • Representing agencies in negotiation of agency agreements with carriers, data centers, and other service providers.
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements covering voice and data services, as well as lease/purchase of PBX and related customer premises equipment (CPE).
  • Legal representation for web-hosting and e-commerce companies.
  • Legal representation for local and international clients in the sale and acquisition of domain names, and in litigation of domain name ownership under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).
  • Advising on interconnection agreements, satellite reseller agreements, Internet backbone connectivity agreements, wholesale VOIP agreements, voice traffic termination agreements, infrastructure sharing agreements, bandwidth agreements and dark fiber agreements.
  • Advising long distance resellers, sales agents, equipment manufacturers and application services providers – in structuring and documenting business
  • Arrangements with carriers, Web content providers and Web Infrastructure providers.
  • Advising and representing communications clients before the PTA and PEMRA as well as in state communications regulatory commissions and federal courts of Pakistan
  • Rule-making, license proceedings, complaint proceedings and a variety of litigation matters
  • Advising telecom competitors (especially VOIP companies) on the changing regulatory obligations and helping them obtain the PTA and PEMRA approvals they need to operate.
  • Non-Voice Communication Services
  • Access Promotion Regulations
  • Accounting Separation Guidelines as they apply to the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Internet Industry
  • Amateur Radio Services Regulations
  • Audio Text Services
  • Universal Service Funds (Research and Development)
  • I.T. and VOIP
  • Value Added Services/Class Value Added Services in Telecommunications Licensing and Regulations
  • providing regulatory and negotiating advice providers of fiber and integrated network services to customers.
  • Advice and representation for Satellite Network Resellers/Integrators
  • Providing regulatory and negotiating advice to a Web-based long distance company in its dealings with national and international carriers

Other Services: Legal Help in Obtaining Infrastructure Licenses, National Tower Licenses or Provincial Tower Licenses

We can help you in obtaining an Infrastructure Licenses, National Tower License or a Provincial Tower License. Please note that the PTA requires comprehensive Company information like Certificate of Incorporation/registration, true copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association other information like

  • List of Directors with details of their shareholdings, and relation to other Operators and applicants for a Licence
  • List of Shareholder Affiliates that are Operators or applicants for a Licence, and description of relation to Applicant
  • Copies of National Identity Card (for Pakistan National)/ Passport (for foreign nationals) and other antecedents of the Directors and authorized representatives of the company.

We advise our clients and help them organize their paperwork with extreme due diligence ensuring that they are able to present duly notarized undertakings or the following:

  • That the Company or its Directors have never been declared insolvent by a court of law
  • That the Directors of the company have never been convicted by a court of law for major offences or unethical/immoral turpitude (other than minor offences)
  • That neither the applicant Company nor its group/consortium members are defaulter (s) with reference to other PTA licenses/transactions

Also, in addition to advising our clients of the Taxation Aspects of the licensing and future business we also help with the preparation of the following documentation as per the wishes of the client:

  • Obtaining a certificate on original letterhead from the Group/Joint venture/Consortium members that they are the participants for Infrastructure license in Pakistan through the applicant company.
  • Certificate of good standing with the fiscal administration
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Applicant authorizing the person who submits and signs the Letter of Application
  • Duly notarized Special Power of Attorney granted to the person who submits and signs the Letter of Application
  • Brief Description of Telecommunications Qualifications and Experience of the Applicant, its key management personnel and its shareholders.
  • Brief Description of the Applicant’s Business Plan for the initial five years of
  • Brief Description of Committed Financial Resources;
  • Affidavit as per specimen duly notarized
  • Proof of clearance of PTA dues in case previously licensed

While dealing with the PTA our team can further help you in legal matters involving the establishment, operation and maintenance of telecommunication systems and provision of telecommunication services in Pakistan. In addition to the above we have previous advised on the following matters:

  • Legal aspects of the applications for the use of radio-frequency spectrum.
  • Defending the legal interests of users of telecommunication services in Pakistan, based on the relevant consumer protection legislation.
  • Legal aspects of promoting competition in the Telecoms Sector and advising on the rights of licences of various PTA licences.
  • Assisting our clients during PTA investigations and adjudications on complaints and other claims made against licensees arising out of alleged contraventions of the provisions of the main PTA Act, the rules made and licenses issued there under and take action accordingly.