Petroleum and the Renewable Energy Sector


Our clientele in the Petroleum and the Renewable Sector is extremely diverse, involving government sector clients, regulators, agencies, organizations, mining and exploration corporations, oil and gas producers, oil and gas developers, refiners and local retailers. We have advised local distribution companies regarding pursuing their interests in finding, developing, producing, transporting, exporting and selling petroleum products and natural resources. We also regularly advise mining and petroleum sector companies regarding their corporate structure, joint venture agreements, asset acquisitions, share offerings, construction contracts and activities, concession agreements, permitting and licensing and other regulatory regulations.

Details of Our Oil, Gas and Energy Specializations

  • Analysis, negotiation and documentation of transactions relating to the exploration, development and operation of oil and gas properties, including concession, drilling, development, production-sharing, joint-venture and operating agreements, as well as agreements for purchase, sale or exchange of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products.
  • Designing and implementing upstream oil and natural gas bid rounds, obtaining or granting access to upstream acreage, farm-ins and farm-outs, joint operating arrangements, oil field service contracts, drilling rig and boat development and financing.
  • Advising on third party access for transportation and pipelines for the Oil and Gas Sector and construction contracting all forms of EPC, FIDIC and construction management contracts and appearing in a variety of arbitral and court jurisdictions in connection with construction disputes, particularly those in the energy sector.
  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements relating to the development, construction and operation of pipelines, gas processing plants, refineries and petrochemical facilities.
  • Advising on upstream development projects, LNG shipping and ship finance, LNG contracts, SPAs and Gas Sales Agreements, LNG receiving facilities and environmental concerns.
  • Performance of due diligence, structuring, negotiation, review and preparation of agreements and other documents for the acquisition or disposition of oil and gas producing and exploratory properties, pipelines, gas processing plants, refineries, storage facilities, petrochemical facilities and oil and gas companies, whether accomplished through asset, stock or merger transactions. Our most recent client has been the Canadian based Jura Energy Inc. for whom we performed a due diligence exercise during their merger with a Pakistani Oil and Gas company. We have in the past been on the litigating panel of OGRA and OGDCL (local energy governmental organisations) and are the exclusive legal advisers for an upcoming Oil & Gas Fire Safety Engineering company Ma’Aref Technologie. Members of our Oil and Gas team have in their past endeavors advised British Petroleum, China Oil and PETRONAS and PETROBAS.
  • Advising on Intellectual property matters including evaluation and acquisition of technology licenses, obtaining patents and sales of technology relevant to the Energy industry. All forms of dispute resolution for the corporate and energy sector including international arbitration proceedings
  • Negotiation, documentation, creation and administration of business entities for energy ventures, including joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies and other joint-ownership or joint-participation arrangements.
  • Advising on mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, particularly in the upstream E&P, refinery and petrochemical sectors.
  • Advising on the WTO and trade agreement commitments; tax advice regarding structures and sales across various jurisdictions and advice on employment arrangements, particularly in respect of executive employment in the Oil and Gas sector.
  • Negotiation, review and documentation of agreements and performance of due diligence for acquisition or disposition of production-sharing, concession, service and other agreements with foreign governments and foreign governmental entities for the exploration, development and operation of oil and gas properties, including the development, construction and operation of pipelines, petrochemical facilities and other energy-related projects.
  • Advising on disclosure requirements applicable to oil and gas securities offerings under the local and international law.
  • Representing sponsors, including private sector companies and national oil companies, and financiers in the financing and development of pipeline projects. Advising oil and gas companies and lending institutions with respect to refining and petrochemical projects.
  • Negotiation and documentation of sales, marketing, storage, processing and transportation agreements relating to oil and gas and processed or refined hydrocarbon products. This also includes oil, gas and mineral leases and production sharing agreements for oil and gas companies, as well as landowners.
  • Advising on project development and financing of LNG, refining, petrochemical, power and large-scale field developments, including partner evaluation and selection; shareholder, supply and sales agreements; utility, industrial gas and logistics agreements, and corporate and project financing arrangements.
  • Settling and Litigation of energy-related disputes, including advice in fashioning commercial litigation and ADR strategy and in construing and analysing complex energy transactions.