We cater to a large clientele in the Gas Industry including those like involved in the sourcing and purchasing of LNG and Petroleum, contract and finance professionals. We also advise Oil and Gas professionals involved in the formulation of corporate strategy, project finance and investor relations. Members of our team have abundantly advised private and government organisations from the Natural gas E&P sector, the Gas / LNG trade, shipping, transmission, distribution sector, public agencies and gas based power generation businesses.

In the LNG GAS sector we provide specific legal consultancy regarding:

  • Formulation of gas/LNG agreements including GPA, SA, GSPA, GTA, GSA and GLSA
  • Negotiation and construction of the legal aspects of gas, LNG and Gas Transportation Contracts
  • Legal and regulatory advice on Gas/LNG pricing strategy and price indexation in a competitive gas market
  • Legal Advice on LNG sourcing decisions, gas organization structure, gas contract terms and conditions, LNG and gas transportation contracts, operation of trading hubs, spot and arbitrage and transportation tariff determination methodologies

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