Law of Mining /Minerals in Pakistan

Our qualified team of legal experts is able to guide our valued clients in the following areas of Mining Law in Pakistan (especially in the Sindh, Baluchistan and KPK region).You can access our MINING LAW GUIDE FOR PAKISTAN (2015) here

1-Advice on problems with royalties and negotiating an arrangement with the local tribes/residents (suggestions regarding settlements, drafting of contracts and impact of the FATA Government Regulation 2012)

2-Advice on issues involving mining permits, as many of these do not have a clear status. Permits in KPK end up being vague as the area of operation often ends up expanding across provincial and/or district borders.

3-Advice regarding how district rules should apply where there is an overlap of boundaries in a mine.

4-Advice on applying for a mining permit, including help with the inspection of Local Registers for permits and licences for prospective mining sector companies

5- Advice on Mining Permit revocation due to allegations of mining tax evasion as well as reclamation obligations

6-Advice on Taxes as now the Tax Directorate General requires tax registration number (NPWP) for all mining permit holders.

7-Advice to private and public sector disputes relevant to:

(a) Legal advice on joint ventures on public and private partnership in the mining sector.

(b)Legal advice on bidding on projects in the mining sector for foreign companies in partnership with local companies

(c ) Import/Export regulations/matters for foreign companies.

(d) Advice on Legal aspects of training local human resource especially for blasting and use of modern methods.

(e) Advice on Legal aspects of sustainable mining activity and minimizing environmental degradation.

(f) Advice on Legal aspects of health and safety in mines and provision of emergency evacuation in case of accidents.

(g) The current legal framework for mining activities in the region, including leasing, dispute resolution mechanisms and reform of the legal frameworks

10- Specific Opinions on the operation and application to the mining sector of the following pieces of legislation (the list below is not exhaustive)

  • FATA Government Regulation 2012
  • Mines Act, 1923
  • Mines Maternity Benefit Act, 1941
  • Coal Mines Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1947
  • Regulation of Mines and Oil fields and Mineral Development (Government) Control Act, 1948
  • Regulation of Mines and Oil fields and Mineral Development (Government) (Amendment) Control Act, 1976
  • Pakistan Mining Concession Rules, 1960
  • Mining Concession Rules, 1970 (Baluchistan Amendment)
  • Mining Board Rules, 1951 (Amendment)
  • Mining Concession Rules, 1960 (Sindh Amendment)
  • KPK Mining Concession Rules 2005 (especially on the clauses relevant to Royalties)
  • Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997