Interpretation of and disputes involving FIDIC and similar contracts

Our team routinely advises on FIDIC contracts and claims.For more information regarding a dispute involving interpretation of FIDIC clauses, please email us at [email protected]

In this regard we can specifically help you with the following problems
* Main claim clauses
* Adverse physical conditions
* Particular problems with contaminated land
* Impact of the recent Obrascon Huarte decision (1st instance and Court of Appeal)
* Variations
* Acts of prevention
* Termination

We have routinely worked in cases involving The DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTRE COURTS and can advise you comprehensively with regards to the following.
* Operation and Jurisdiction of Court
* International dimension of Court – Common Law basis
* Enforceability of Court decisions
* Relevance to international construction disputes

Based on our recent practice experience we can also advise on :
* Typical amendments seen in FIDIC based contracts in the Middle East
* Common causes of disputes in FIDIC based contracts in the Middle East and how your business can avoid them.

In terms of FIDIC  CONTRACTS and their dispute resolution we can advise you as follows :
* Claim Notification Clause 20.1
* Condition precedent – ways around
* Dispute Adjudication Board
* Relationship with arbitration
* Arbitrators powers to enforce DAB decision
* Arbitrators powers
* Impact of the recent PT Perusahan decision in the Singapore Court of Appeal

In terms of CONSTRUCTION DELAY we can advise you on :
* How to prove it?
* Delay analysis  and time pact methodologies from a legal perspective

Finally as far as DISRUPTION CLAIMS are concerned, our team can help you with
* understanding the “Measured Mile Analysis” ; actual loss v BoQ based loss
* Identifying hidden losses arising from disruption on profit making operations
* Identifying, prove and price disruption claims.