Intellectual Property Law Advice and Services

Our firm offers specialized legal assistance to our valued clientele for the transfer of technology and related intellectual property issues and disputes, including those pertaining to copyright, trademarks, patents and designs etc.

For Copyrights we offer basic registration, filing and processing copyright applications, conducting copyright searches, copyright oppositions, drafting of license agreements, infringement proceedings, investigations as well as litigation matters involving the same.

With regard to trademarks and service marks, we offer extensive advice on the registration of trademarks, trademark search before filing of application, avoid conflicts with earlier trademarks filing and prosecuting trademarks, service marks, collective marks, certification marks applications before the Trade Marks Registry, trademarks opposition, conducting searches to detect opposing trademarks and applications, filing and prosecution of Slogan Registration applications, trade names publication requests, renewal of Registrations, investigation of the status of registrations and the scope of protection, investigation of trademark infringements, enforcement of trademark rights against infringers and drafting of license agreements.

For Patents we offer services involving patent prosecution, preparing and filing patent applications, patent searches, oppositions and monitoring, drafting and filing of petitions for extension of a term of patent, restoration applicants for lapsed patents, licensing, registration of assignments, transmissions and infringement actions.