Advice regarding securities, derivatives and non-financial banking institutions

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We are able to advise on numerous regulatory and legislative matters concerning functioning of various non-banking financial institutions, such as Investment Companies, Leasing Companies, Modarabas, REITs and others. The legal team advises non-banking financial institutions on regulatory and legal complexities of fund management. We are able to review the legality and the requisite documentation required for transactional work undertaken by such firms.We also advise clients on the legality of transactions involving public offerings of securities and advice on legal matters pertaining to brokerage houses and fund managers. We also advise arrangers, issuers and trustees on issues of bonds, notes, commercial paper, certificates of deposit and other capital market instruments. Finally we also offer help with derivative transactions and treasury products, including but not limited to financial, commodity and equity based derivatives, foreign exchange and securities lending transactions, as well as the establishment of dealing operations