November 25, 2020

Our COVID19 Initiative


An Open Letter to all healthcare providers, representatives of frontline workers, and critical care health workers.

This letter is finally being published after 6 months of hard work by us and our partners.

Instead of providing lip service to causes and campaigns for COVID19 like most of the intelligentsia in our societies have been doing relentlessly.We have seen NGO’s and non-profits and ‘associations’ which are only months old, mushroom all over the interest, claiming to have this or that in their PPE arsenal.Sadly we have noted that  many of these bodies and trusts, are ignorantly profiteering off peoples sentiments, our law firm took the initiative to make connections and networks around the world.We prepared technical reports on PPE products, vetted people’s claims as to their medical products, verified certificate and lab reports.

As of this week we are giving an open invitation to real healthcare providers around the world and proper medical companies (not agents or middlemen or brokers) to speak to us on how to avoid being defrauded in 3M sales, how to tap into proper non-profit initiatives we have at our disposal to get access to cost-effective ventilators ( we recently got access to a good Swiss invasive ventilator), one of our Patrons have used their access and funds to secure the highest quality nitrile gloves for medical and non-medical purposes.This access runs into millions of gloves, which is not something to be taken lightly.

Similarly we have access to verified companies making the best swab tests, COVID tests and all other medical equipment.Our contacts run into China, Malaysia, USA, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria and most of Europe.

As the legal team we step into each transaction to check the authenticity of both parties and help them negotiate fair contractual terms.We even provide escrow services free of cost where as both parties can do business securely.

Our humble legal fee billed for all procurement contracts partially goes to COVID19 Charities and to feed communities around the world who have seen the worst of times after the COVID19 crises.

If you have any ideas for where we should route these donations, please feel free to contact us and we will place the charity on our waiting list for donations to be disbursed soon after proper vetting for AML/Authenticity of these entities.Please note that we will not donate to Charities whose background and funding is dubious or possibly an AML or Terrorism risk.Charities focused on religion only are also outside the ambit of our help.

Again, please play your part by donating to poor people and medical facilities at this time and please watch out for mafias, terrorists and drug dealers trying to make launder money via PPE sales.



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