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International Company Registration

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The Josh and Mak Team is now offering company registration in 66 countries.Our extended services which we will be offering shortly in this regard also include Provision of company bank accounts, Tax Registration, Domiciliation, Virtual office services, International tax advice, Accountancy services, Corporate & legal services, Foreign exchange and VAT reclaim services

  1. Ireland
  2. Cyprus
  3. Germany
  4. UK
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Austria
  7. Hungary
  8. Spain
  9. Portugal
  10. Romania
  11. Croatia
  12. Slovakia
  13. Slovenia
  14. Cyprus
  15. Turkey
  16. Denmark
  17. Sweden
  18. Norway
  19. Finland
  20. Luxembourg
  21. Belgium
  22. Bulgaria
  23. France
  24. Isle of Man
  25. Italy
  26. Malta
  27. Poland
  28. Russia
  29. Switzerland
  30. Gibraltar
  31. USA
  32. BVI
  33. Canada
  34. Mexico
  35. Panama
  36. Argentina
  37. Brazil
  38. Belize
  39. Uruguay
  40. Ecuador
  41. Chile
  42. Panama
  43. Anguilla
  44. China
  45. Dubai
  46. Hong Kong
  47. Seychelles
  48. India
  49. Japan
  50. Mauritius
  51. Singapore
  52. Indonesia
  53. South Korea
  54. Thailand
  55. Australasia
  56. New Zealand
  57. Australia
  58. Samoa
  59. Indonesia
  60. Marshall Islands
  61. Africa
  62. South Africa
  63. Morocco
  64. Egypt
  65. Nigeri
  66. Tunisia

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The Josh and Mak Team
If you are reading this, chances are we will become your favourite virtual law firm at some point. In an economy where businesses have lost their strategic edge and are forced to reconsider their traditional concepts of consulting bricks and mortar law firms, which bill by the minute, we can provide you with affordable quality legal advice, delivered anywhere in the world. Since 2010, our firm has already pioneered and adopted the concept of honest and practical legal advice, delivered straight to your email inbox. In the post Covid19 era, working with the Josh and Mak Team means that, you will get the same commitment, discipline and work ethic, without the heavy Bricks and Mortar and the financial baggage which comes with the latter. Let your choice to work with Josh and Mak International become your unfair strategic advantage over your business competitors of the past, present and the future!