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Important Notice regarding our current Associates

This is a notice for our current and future clientele regarding the current persons on our team and those authorized to deal/work on our behalf. 

Recently we have received a number of complaints by our clients that they have tried to contact us through the email addresses of some our former associates that they have received no response. This is because some of these former team members have now changed their occupations and are working for other concerns. If you do not see a person on the Josh and Mak Website’s “Our People Page” it means that they are no longer a part of our team and not authorized to carry out any dealings whatsoever in our name. If you come across any such dealings where people unauthorized to deal on our behalf have contacted you please report the same to us immediately at to Mr Nathan Nadav, who is the head of our client-care team.

Please also note that an entirely new team of oil and gas will be joining us by early 2015 and currently only Barrister Aemen Maluka is dealing with the Oil and Gas queries. They are no longer a part of our team and are not authorized to carry out any dealings on behalf of Josh and Mak anymore. We have also noted that many of our ex-colleagues have neglected in updating their Josh and Mak Affiliations on their respective social networks and hope they will update these very soon.

We wish our former team-mates best of luck for their future endeavors and request the general public to address all their queries to exclusively so they can received a reliable and professional response as soon as possible.



The Josh and Mak Team
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