Fake 3M N95 and other Respirators are a threat to Medical workers and Frontline Workers

Please raise awareness on this topic.When you buy 3M respirators from an Authorised 3M distributor you are cutting down the risk 100% of receiving fake or damaged products.

In order to check if your Respirator is Genuine please click the following link at the 3M Website.


Currently only the following models can be authenticated via this Link

8210 8210Plus 8210CN 9210+ 9211+ C310 C312 C320 C322 C332.

9310A+ 9310K+ 9312A+ 9320A+ 9322A+ 9322K+ 9322J+ 

9332A+ 9324CN+ 9332K+ 9334CN+

As per 3M “Knockoffs likely have not been tested, are not certified and cannot be assured to perform as stated by 3M”.

I was a bit concerned not to find a system for finding 3M 1860 respirators as genuine but then I realised that the procurement process for 3M 1860 is already very stringent and a proper 3M Authorized Seller will have the proper reports and authentications available.

I would recommend our friends reading this blog to only purchase 3M masks from authorised 3M distributors.For this reason after checking if a client seeking procurement help is a genuine buyer with proper financial credentials, we are happy to make sure an instant verification can be offered so their mind can be at ease they will be able to procure legally, with zero risk of fraud, counterfeit respirators and/or expired respirators being sold to them.


Below are two pictures showing the difference between a real and fake 3M respirator shared by one of our colleagues.


The secondary 3M market is not always worth the risk, especially when your own reputation as a supplier of medical goods to health workers may be at stake.If you will not risk your life or the life of your loved ones, why would you rely on shady resellers to supply Medical and Health Care workers?

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#Respect the Medical profession









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