What is the procedure for a Patent application in Pakistan?

Every application for a patent ¬†made in the prescribed legal form can be filed at the Pakistan Intellectual Property Office’s Patent Department in the prescribed manner and shall contain a declaration to the effect¬†that the application is in possession of an invention of which he, or in the case of the joint application, at least one of the applicants, claims to be the true and the first inventor of or the legal representative or assignee of such inventor or, as the case may be, inventors, provided that where the inventor is not the applicant, he shall be entitled to be mentioned as such in the application and if he is not so mentioned the Controller may, upon an application made in the prescribed manner and after hearing any interested person, insert the name of such person as an inventor or co-inventor, as the case may be, if he is satisfied that he be named as an inventor of the invention for which the applicant desires to obtain a patent