What is the Pakistani Law of Emigration and Immigration?


Entry into Pakistan is governed by the Passport Rules 1955.

To enter into Pakistan a visa is generally required except in case of country which has reciprocal arrangements with Pakistan.

All foreigners entering the country (not being Commonwealth citizens) must register with police within 24 hours. If they wish to stay in Pakistan after expiry of their visa, they must obtain permission of Police Department.

Technicians, experts and industrial personnel may enter  Pakistan under the general rules of entry, but their contracts of service in Pakistan must be approved by Investment Promotion Bureau of Ministry of Industries.

A foreign employee whose contract of service has been approved by Investment Promotion Bureau is entitled to remit 50% of his monthly salary up to ceiling of US$750 per month, which may in special cases be raised.


Emigration Ordinance 1979 regulates emigration of Pakistanis for employment abroad. Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment headed by Director General controls emigration and is responsible for welfare of emigrants.Overseas Employment Corporation recruits Pakistanis for employment abroad. All other persons or agencies may only perform such
recruitment, or advertise for such recruitment, if they possess licence from Federal Government.

A Pakistani may emigrate if he can furnish proof of permission to work abroad such as employment visa issued by foreign employer or foreign government. Emigrant must appear before Protector of Emigrants and furnish him with any information required before emigrating.

Offences against this Ordinance are treated as criminal offences and tried by Special Courts created by Federal Government. Penalties include fine and imprisonment which may extend to five years.