What is cyber-squatting? (Intellectual property law)

Cybersquatting means taking a valuable name identical to that of a well-known large corporation. This may be followed by a demand for money from the corporation in return for assignment of the domain name to the company.This is a type of corporate blackmail but can be bona fide.Situations include;

  • Unofficial fan clubs that wish to adopt the name of their hero, team, cult TV programme, etc.
  • People who have chosen to use versions of well-known names to spread negative publicity about an organisation.
  • Use of deliberately misleading domain names that lead users into race hate, pornographic or similar sites rather than the one they were expecting to reach. A classic example of this is www.martinlutherking.org/.
  • Advertising competitor products on search engine results after the user has entered a search for a particular company.