We do not like the current trustee of our foundation based in Pakistan ? How can he be legally removed?

The Office of a trustee can be vacated only by the trustee’s death or his discharge by the extinction of the trust, completion of his duties, by any means prescribed in the instrument of trust, by the appointment of a new trustee under the act, by consent of the beneficiaries if competent to contract, or by the court

Law relating to trusts (apart from waqf which is governed by Muslim Law, the relations between members of an undivided family which are governed by customary or personal law, and public or private religious or charitable endowments) is contained in Trusts Act 1882.

A trust under the Act may be created for any lawful purpose by a person competent to contract (“author of the trust”) for the benefit of a person capable of holding property (“beneficiary”) in respect of property transferable to the beneficiary which is not merely a beneficial interest under a subsisting trust. A trustee must also be a person capable of holding property and, if the trust involves the exercise of discretion, a person n competent to contract. A trustee may accept or disclaim a trust.