Under what grounds may I apply for exclusion of time under the Limitation Act?

Where at time of commencement of the period of limitation the person in whom right of action lies is under a disability e.g., where he is insane, a minor, or an idiot, time will not begin to run against him until disability ceases. Where a second disability commences before the first disability is over, time will run after second disability is over. Once time begins to run, however, subsequent disability will have no effect. Where the person dies still under a disability, his right of action passes to his legal representatives and time will commence to run from that date.

Public holidays and court holidays are excluded from this period of limitation.

During an appeal the time for obtaining a copy of the decree and judgment will also be excluded.

Where a plaintiff in good faith (bona fide) prosecutes his claim in a wrong court, the time of such prosecution will be excluded.

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