In what circumstances can ‘attachment orders’ be made against my property in a law suit in Pakistan?

Attachment orders can be made both in execution of decree and before judgment. Orders for attachment before judgment may be made in all except following actions: For recovery of immovable property; for foreclosure, sale or redemption in case of mortgage of or charge on immovable property; for determination of any other right or interest in immovable property; and for attachment of any agricultural produce in possession of agriculturist, or attachment or production of such produce. Order only made before judgment if defendant has failed to show cause to contrary or to furnish security. Provided however, attachment before judgment is not to affect rights existing prior to attachment, of persons
not parties to suit nor bar any person holding decree against defendant from applying for sale of property under attachment in execution of such decree.

Where holder of decree for possession of immovable property or purchaser of any such property sold in execution of decree is resisted or obstructed by any person in possession of property he may make application to court and court shall investigate matter. All questions as to right, title or interest in or possession of immovable property shall be adjudicated upon and determined by court and no separate suit shall lie for determination of any such matter.

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