How does Pakistani corporate and real estate law deal with issues of Minors Capacity?

No minor can be a partner but he may with the consent of all partners be admitted to the benefits of a Partnership. The minor’s right of action against the partners will only arise when and if he desires to sever the connection between himself and them and his share will then be determined after valuation.No one who is not a major or of sound mind can dispose of his or her property by will. Women, whether married or single may dispose of any property which they could have alienated or transferred during their lifetime. Physical handicaps do not bar a person from becoming a testator provided such handicaps do not prevent him from understanding the import of his actions. Insane persons may make a will during a lucid period. No person can make a valid will when he is in such a state that it may be presumed that he was incapable of knowing what he was doing. Aliens are not barred except as above by minority or insanity, from making wills. Domicile is the deciding factor under this law for the validity of a will.