How can I Register a Design? (Intellectual property)

(1) An application for the registration of a design in the proper legally prescribed form can be filed at the Patent Office in the prescribed manner.

(2) For the purpose of deciding whether a design is new or original the Registrar may make such inquiries, if any, as he thinks fit.

(3) The Registrar may refuse any application for the registration of design or may register the design in pursuance of the application subject to such modifications, if any, as he thinks.

(4) An application which, owing to any default or neglect on the part the applicant, has not been completed so as to enable registration to be effected With the prescribed time shall be deemed to be abandoned

(5) Except as otherwise expressly provided in the relevant law ,a  design when registered shall be registered as of the date on which the application registration was made, or such other date, whether earlier or later than that date, as the Registrar may in any particular direct: Provided that no proceedings shall be taken in respect- of any infringement committed before the date on which the certificate of registration of the design under this Ordinance is issued.

(6) An appeal shall lie to the High Court from any decision of the Registrar under sub section (3).