How can I acquire citizenship of Pakistan?

What determines Pakistani Citizenship?

Every person is deemed to be a citizen of Pakistan (1) whose parents or grand parents were born in territories now included in Pakistan and who after August 14, 1947 has not been permanently resident outside Pakistan, or (2) who had any parent or grandparents born in territories included in India on March 31, 1937 and who has been domiciled at commencement of Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951 in Pakistan or in territories now included in Pakistan, or (3) who is a person naturalized as a British subject in Pakistan and has before the date of commencement of the Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951 renounced citizenship of the United Kingdom and of any foreign state; or (4) who before commencement of said Act migrated to territories now included in Pakistan from any territory in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent and who migrated with intention of settling there permanently.

Furthermore, every person born in Pakistan after commencement of said Act is citizen of Pakistan by birth unless (1) such person’s father possesses at time of his birth such immunity from suit and legal process as is accorded to an envoy of an external sovereign accredited in Pakistan and is not a citizen of Pakistan or (2) his father is an enemy alien and the birth occurs in a place then under enemy occupation. A person may also acquire citizenship by naturalization or by incorporation of new territory.

Dual Citizenship (related)

Under the § 2 Pakistan Citizenship (Amendment) Ordinance 1972, dual nationality is permissible where a person who being a citizen of Pakistan, is also citizen of U.K. and Colonies or of such other country as Federal Government may, by notification in official gazette specify in this behalf.

What about Kashmiri’s?

Under the Pakistan Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 1973, § 8(2) a subject of State of Jammu and Kashmir who, being under protection of a Pakistan passport, is resident in U.K. or such other country as Federal Government may, by notification in official gazette, specify in this behalf, shall, without prejudice to his rights and status as a subject of that State, be deemed to be, and always to have been, a citizen of Pakistan.

Investors can get citizenship too!

Under the latest Investment Policy, any person of country recognized by Pakistan may get Pakistani citizenship by investing minimum of US$0.75 million in tangible assets and US$0.25 million in cash, both on non-repatriable basis and subject to fulfillment of conditions of Pakistan Citizenship Act.