Do the Hague Rules apply to Pakistani Carriage of Goods?

The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1925 incorporates the Hague Rules into the law of Pakistan for outward bound bills of lading. An express statement should be contained in every outward bill of lading or document of title as to the applicability of these rules. Te Carrier is bound to exercise due diligence to make ship seaworthy, properly to equip the ship and make the holds, etc., fit for the carriage of goods. Goods loaded must be clearly marked and a bill of lading giving all particulars should be handed to shipper. Neither  the carrier nor shipper will be liable for any loss caused by the unseaworthiness of the ship unless this was caused by want of due diligence on part of carrier. Defaults of others, fire, perils of the sea, act of God, war, latent defects, omissions of shipper, are listed, amongst other causes of damage, as causes for which carrier is not responsible. The carrier may surrender or increase all or any of his rights provided that such surrender or increase is embodied in bill of lading. Special conditions in respect of special goods may be imposed and scope of above rules can be limited by contract, provided that bill of lading is made nonnegotiable.