Can the Control of Employment Ordinance 1965 allow me challenge my job termination?

This Ordinance is basically intended to control and check termination of service of essential personnel in industrial undertaking. Under Ordinance, three bodies have been constituted, namely: Manpower Board, Manpower Council and Manpower Tribunal. Manpower Board is most important.The Manpower Board is vested with wide powers. Section 5 defines functions and powers of Manpower Board. Board can control or regulate employment in any industrial undertaking, prohibit persons from accepting employment, lay down terms and conditions of service of persons employed or to be employed, etc.Notified industries have to report to Board all situations which are vacant or likely to be vacant and employ such essential personnel and on such terms as may be directed by Board. No employer of notified industrial undertaking can fill any vacancy in which essential personnel are employed except with previous permission of Board.