Rights of Grown Children After Father’s Second Marriage


Our  father recently married another woman and has banished us to live with our maternal Uncle..He says that he will carry out our education duties but he has broken our trust many times.Can we make him sign a contract in this regard?


Depending on how old you and your siblings are, your mother can file for maintenance and child support in the court.
You can also ask him to place an amount of security or put a property in your name which can cover your educational costs.If you are all no longer Minors, there will be a problem, as in you will need to speak to your father directly.

What we can advise you is to Y sit your father and elders of the family down and have a conversation with them.As none of you are minors you cannot take him to court.
A good way would be a peaceful way to ask him to provide a guarantee for your welfare and upbringing.It is best to have him transfer money or assets to you all as security instead of relying on a contract.
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