August 4, 2020

Buying property owned by a company, essential due diligence (Due Diligence Legal Services in Pakistan)

Due Diligence Legal Services in Pakistan :
Client Query :We are interested in buying a property which is owned by a private ltd. company in Lahore.What due diligence would we  need to do on the sellers company and the property title etc.? What services do you provide in this regard.
Answer  Basically, you will need to match the company information provided to you, with that at the SECP.  Secondly you will need to confirm the title being passed on to you as authentic.
As a part of our Due Diligence Legal Services in Pakistan we look into :
(1) The status of the company at the SECP.
(2) Directors, holding interests, registrations, tax and company filings being clear at their end.
(3) Any legal controversy/litigation (past and current) and how it affects you and the market process.
(4) Market prices and those being quoted to you by the seller and future market value
(5) Whether the seller is the same as the owning company.
(6) The contract/terms being offered to you for the sale/purchase
(7) Any hidden or extra costs in terms of taxes and charges after the sale which may not have been disclosed by the seller
(8) Whether there were any previous owners/defaults on the property etc.

Our fees depend on the work involved really.You will need to provide us with the company name, their offer documents and the land location etc., so we can assess the matter properly.
You are welcome to visit us at our main office in Islamabad, the Centaurus after booking an appointment.

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