Whoever is reading this blog or article, kindly consider this an appeal to your good senses.

Any peddler, broker, intermediary or even a lawyer or some financial consulting company telling you that they have millions and billions of Boxes coming from here there, and everywhere all month, they should be reported to the FBI and well, see the image below, even though I don’t think washing the mouth of any lying agent, lawyer, seller, buyer, politician nowadays will be a permanent cure to compulsive lying.

In the USA I believe it is an offence to hoard such large quantities of PPE, and if someone from abroad wants to sell you more than 1 million glove boxes at a time (ask me at some point how long  1 million boxes take to be shipped out and inspected from a logistical perspective).In fact I have seen real sellers cringe at the mention of selling more than 100,000 or 300,000 boxes at one point.

Cranberry has finally published the warning publicly https://www.cranberryglobal.com/beware-of-unauthentic-products  and it has mentioned all its Distributors on its website too https://www.cranberryglobal.com/distributors (something 3M has yet to do or disclose)

However what I fail to understand is how do the buyers /intermediaries in this PPE circus fall for the same tricks over and over again.

And I still do not understand why a dentist’s glove brand (no apologies to Cranberry) is such an important brand for PPE when much better brands are coming from China and Vietnam.

I have said it before and I keep saying it.3M, Cranberry and 3M Cardinal have become popular as a direct result of political xenophobia.

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People need to wake up and realise that our countries cannot even make a needle in our own factories, we are dependent on most of our goods from Chinese factories.

Using a 20 dollar dentist’s glove box over a Chinese nitrile glove brand will not in any way reduce the burden of your sins or make you a better person/business.If you buy from 3M or any of these fancy brands popularized by clever propaganda, you will still end up benefitting China.

Don’t believe me?

Pick up a 3M 1860 Made in USA box or have the courage to read the backside of the ‘Made in UK and Registered in Germany’ 3M9332+ mask.And do take a moment to thank 3M Poland and 3M China for their bone breaking hardwork after that.

In case you were curious, this is what 3M1860 mask box Made in USA reads :Made in USA with Globally Sourced Materials.

Look harder….squint!

Now take another minute to go to the FTC website and let it sink in what this means.Here is a link https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/advertising-and-marketing/made-in-usa

And this is what the back of a  3M9332+ mask looks like :

Yes, look closer.

Don’t even get me started on what the backside of the 3M9332+ manufactured by hardworking people at 3M China looks like.

And if this does not cure your bigoted, twisted, Xenophobic view of Trade Politics, you deserve many many years in therapy just trying to figure out how many thread strands of the 3M1860 Mask are “Made in China’.

By The Josh and Mak Team

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