August 2, 2020

COVID19 and our commitment to Fair and Transparent Procurement Awareness

Josh and Mak International understands and acknowledges that , law firms are amongst the key stakeholders with a key social responsibility in ensuring that life can stay bearable and functional for small businesses and clients awaiting critical outcomes for their legal disputes. The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving into a financial disaster, and while outbreak investigations are ongoing, this will re-shape entirely and forever how we perceive the role of lawyers in the world of business, procurement and medical negligence.

Our law firm, Josh and Mak International, is now working globally andclosely monitoring this outbreak, providing legal risk assessments for businesses, evaluating the legal compliance of public health guidelines and regulations, and also offering implementation advice for businesses on COVID19 response activities to EU Member States and businesses.

For private importing businesses in EU and exporting businesses in China, our team is available to help and assist you on your contracts. For our EU and US clients wishing to check on their procurement contracts for Medical Supplies, Masks, or wishing to get due diligence done on potential supply partners especially in China, please email us immediately at

Click here to read all our legal news alerts and consultation activities around the world during this period.


Our team will try our best to help and assist you free of cost and put you in charge with the correct legal channels.Please email any experience of PPE Fraud to our email at

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