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*********Please note that as of August 2020, getting access to direct procurement via 3M factories is nearly impossible as 3M is under strict instructions to facilitate government orders only with the priority being the USA Government, so we take this opportunity to warn the general public to avoid sending out LOIs/BCLs to agents.We advise them to buy retail stock which can be ordered with trusted online retailers or even private merchants who will not demand money before giving you proof of stock.A number of scams are being committed by people to take money into offshore accounts which are labelled as Escrow accounts.Such people are often in close Collusion with unethical lawyers.In the near future we will be litigating against similar scammers and you are welcome to ask us for advice in tracking down such scammers********

In order to ensure that our reputation as a transparent and ethical legal team is preserved we welcome serious queries directly to our email addresses only.


If you would wish to speak to a team member volunteering pro-bono to assist our Chinese language queries help our COVID19 Causes Mr Samuel can assist.He is proficient in both Chinese and English languages.

His details are below.


Zhang Yanqing, Samuel,

Mobile Phone / 手机: +86 13601273439
WeChat / 微信:13601273439

Read More on our 3M PPE Procurement Legal Advice here :

Message for medical and healthcare procurement facilities from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore 给中国内地、香港和新加坡的医疗健康采购机构的信息



Memorandum on 3M Pricing for Potential 3M Respirator Sourcing HealthCare Sector Clients  针对医疗健康领域客户潜在的3M口罩采购需求的3M定价备忘录 2020年6月22日

Our temporary office is currently being headed and maintained by

Mr Fedor Gorshkov

Procurement Operations Manager (COVID19 PPE Contracts and Inspections in China)


Xiangjiang Honghaiyuan One Building 9 apt. 902 Penthouse, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

+86 130 1578 9827