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A very non-COVID19 and non-Legal Blog Post (or the time Fedor took a break and took beautiful landscape pictures with his friends)

We are all tired of those fancy COVID19 Virus pics. The curious looking picture of the virus itself has gained the type of fame any Hollywood level celebrity would envy.I wonder if anyone will be suing for copyrights over the ‘COVID19’ virus picture.May sound ridiculous but remember anything is possible in the world of IP

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Open letter to Pakistan Parents
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An Open Letter to All Pakistani Parents : Growing broken marriages and violence against Pakistani women in Britain

Dear Pakistani Mothers and Fathers and Guardians of lovely¬†marriageable¬†female children,¬† First of all congratulations on having a daughter or two or five of them….regardless of what people tell you, God really loves you which is why he sent these angels to your house.Feel lucky and be grateful. Now coming to your deeply felt wish of

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