This category records all ongoing business fraud transactions which have occured during 2020 for PPE sales.The most common PPE scams till date are statistically those relevant to sales of Nitrile Gloves and sham 3M Transactions.

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Update 26th of December 2020: Official Announcement of Duplicated 3M Barcode LOTS Numbers for Respirators 3M1860, 3M1860S and 3M 1870

The comments below on Behalf of our legal Team pertain to the 3M Letter/Communication on Duplicated Respirator LOTS/Counterfeit products on the 18th of December 2020.This Letter can be accessed via the 3M Website here. In a step, which will be viewed by many genuine sellers, lawyers and market actors in the 3M Supply Chain as

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Battling Covid19 PPE Fraud PPE Fraud Alerts

Fraud Archives :Dissecting the Anatomy of Fraudulent PPE marketing

*If you have been scammed by a similar offer in the Case Study Below or dodged a bullet by deciding not to be scammed, send us an email, we would love to see people are actually reading sensible legal advice online.In fact, claim your free consultation with us for due diligence on any one offer

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Open Letter to PPE Agents (Part 2) Beware of Duplicated and Counterfeited 3M1860 USA LOTs

Dear All (and those in the PPE business who pretend not to peek occasionally at my brutally honest blogs, just for fun and heart attacks). It is the end of the year 2020 and looks like no one in the USA or Europe made a killing on those large million dillion billion LOTs of 3M1860

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Cranberry Fraud Alert December 2020 and an appeal to buyer sanity

Whoever is reading this blog or article, kindly consider this an appeal to your good senses. Any peddler, broker, intermediary or even a lawyer or some financial consulting company telling you that they have millions and billions of Boxes coming from here there and everywhere all month, they should be reported to the FBI and

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